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Tips On How To Sing Well While Drumming

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Q: What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?

A: Homeless

Okay, big laugh for those of us in the music industry. There are tons of jokes poking fun at all musicians in a band, but somehow drummers usually get the “s**tty end of the stick”, (pardon the pun), when it comes to being the butt of a lot of jokes.

Seriously, there is no greater musician than a drummer who can sing. He has all four limbs moving at once and then adds in a vocal part. I have often been in awe and have always had the utmost respect for singing drummers. There are a few tips, from a vocal coach perspective, that drummers can do to enhance their performance.

Check out this picture of Don Henley from the Eagles, one of the best singing drummers – ever! Note his “sitting up tall” posture. This is absolutely necessary for any singer who is standing or sitting to sing. When your diaphragm muscle is not encumbered by slouching over, you will have the ability to take in a proper singer’s breath, (air in/tummy out) and be able to use your diaphragm support (the pulls towards your backbone) properly, which is necessary to sing with great pitch and power.

The second thing I love about this photo is his microphone position. It comes straight across his mouth, it’s not tipped up too high making him crane his neck up to reach it, or positioned too low making him do the double chin move to sing down into it. Both these positions will create strain for the singer. Straight across with his chin parallel to the floor will help him hit all those fantastic notes we are used to hearing from him.

In summary, the two biggest things to remember when singing and drumming at the same time is good posture and good mic technique. If you are a proficient drummer and singer you will be in demand for sure.


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  1. Doug Says:

    Absolutely brilliant as usual from Ms. Kelman!!!

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