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What Makes You Happy?

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Quote Of The Day:
“Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness Is The Truth”
Pharrell Williams

There is no denying that it is infectious… “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is one of those songs that just puts a smile on your face. Even if you are sick of hearing it, your body will betray your opinion by making you want to move to the groove… even if it is just tapping  your toes. I love this song, but I have always been a self professed “pop bunny”. When you dig a little deeper behind the repetitive chorus and bounce of the groove, you will hear some great vocals. Pharrell has a multi textured voice that I never get tired of hearing. I also love the gospel-like background parts. It’s such a fun song to sing in a group and it will always be a crowd pleaser. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you probably have been living under a rock this last year. Welcome back… check out my favourite song of the summer here:

Recently I had a huge laugh with the version that Weird Al Yankovic released of this song called “Tacky”. The guy really is a genius. He actually has a cool voice  and can sing fairly well (if he is not helped too much in the studio and has fooled me). It’s a fun and entertaining alternative to “Happy” if you need a little reprieve from the original version. You know you’ve really made it when Weird Al does a cover of your song. Enjoy it here:

Have a great summer. I’ll be dancing to this song repeatedly at my cabin on Vancouver Island over the next few weeks. Hope you’ll be dancing too!

Until next time,

Breathe and “Happy” Singing



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